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Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

Condition 8501

Condition 8501 states that the visa holder must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while the holder is in Australia.

Visitor Visas

Visitor visas are granted to people who visit Australia on holiday, visiting friends and family, social or recreational reasons, or other short-term non-work visits. There are various types of visas available for visiting Australia which reflect the length of stay, nationality, current location and the purpose of the visit. Visitor visa holders have limited work rights in Australia. Holders can attend business meetings and undergo short training courses, but cannot work for an Australian employer.


300 – Prospective Marriage
580 – Student Guardian
590 – Student Guardian
600 – Visitor Visa
601 – Electronic Travel Authority
651 – eVisitor


188 – Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)
400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) Visa
401 – Temporary Work(Long-stay Activity) Visa
402 – Training and Research Visa
403 – Temporary Work (International Relations)
407 – Training
408 – Temporary Activity
416 – Special Program Visa
457 – Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa
461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)
476 – Skilled
482 – Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa
485 – Temporary Graduate
489 – Skilled

Worker Visas

Work visas issued in Australia allow temporary visa holders to undertake short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work which is an important part of the Australian workforce. These work visas are granted to diversify business expertise, address skill shortages, and increase entrepreneurial talent within Australia.

Working holiday visas

Working holiday visas allow holders to work while on holiday in Australia. The aim of these visas is to exchange cultural values, knowledge and skills, while visa holders experience what Australia has to offer. Working holiday makers can work full time in Australia, but for a maximum set period with each employer. 


417 – Working Holiday
462 – Work and Holiday


010 – Bridging Visa A
020 – Bridging Visa B
030 – Bridging Visa C

Bridging visas

Bridging visas are temporary visas that are granted while a substantive visa application is being processed. Depending on the bridging visa, you may or may not return to Australia if you leave the country whilst you are waiting for your substantive visa to be approved. Bridging visas vary in terms of work rights – some are granted with full work rights, whereas others require evidence of financial hardship for grant of work rights.

Subclass 500

Student Visa

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) meets your student visa health insurance requirements (for all course types) and helps towards your hospital and medical costs


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